Management and Leadership Success – Boosting Your Personal Productivity

Ask most managers or leaders what their biggest sources of frustration are and you are likely to find that getting things done comes pretty high up the list. Despite there being a never ending supply of gadgets, resources, tools and advice, personal productivity tends to still present a major challenge.

Maybe the reason why personal productivity is such a challenge, there is one resource that you can’t, even if you wanted to get more of and that is time. On the other hand you can usually find a way of:

o Securing additional finance
o Buying extra memory for the computer network
o Boosting productivity on a production line or getting a process working better

So if time is a big issue for you, what can you do to tackle this and boost your personal productivity?

Tip 1: Start with a review

Before you can do anything about making change you need to get a clear picture of where you are now. In truth very few of us (unless we are in a job where we are charging time by the hour to clients) know where our time is going. When was the last time you looked at how you are spending your time?

If you have not done a time analysis recently, make a start and make sure it covers a typical cycle.

Tip 2: Create a plan

Whether we like it or not we cannot go from productivity poor to productivity master or mistress overnight. It takes time to make the change. You need to develop and plan and work through that plan systematically. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is trying to do too much all at once. In creating your transformation plan start by looking at things that will be easy to change but extremely high in terms of impact.

Tip 3: Stick at it

Ever find yourself starting off with a ton of enthusiasm but losing commitment after a short period of time. Don’t worry we all have that trait to a greater or lesser extent. If you find that you are tempted to throw in towel at the first sign of challenge, remind yourself of all of the benefits that set you out on the road of boosting your personal productivity in the first place and get re-focused.

Bottom Line – Personal productivity and personal effectiveness are key elements in your success as a manager or leader. So don’t delay taking stock any further and start boosting your personal productivity.